Oral Presentation Instructions

  1. Presentation time
    • Each plenary talk has been allocated a 30-minute time slot ( 25-minute presentation followed by 5-minute discussion ).
    • Each invited talk has been allocated a 20-minute time slot ( 15-minute presentation followed by 5-minute discussion ).
    • Each oral presentation of accepted papers has been allocated a 12-minute time slot ( 10-minute presentation followed by 2-minute discussion ).
      (Note : Timing will be strictly enforced. Make sure that you have rehearsed the timing of your talk beforehand)
  2. Use your own laptop PC for presentation. You are strongly recommended to confirm that presentation slides are successfully presented on the screen prior to your session. Please make sure you should bring your adapter for VGA if necessary. Screen size is 4:3.
  3. Next speaker should sit on the next speaker’s seat near to the podium and connect his/her laptop to the cable during the previous speaker’s presentation. Be prepared to begin your presentation as soon as the prior presenter has finished; it is important to keep on schedule.

Please bring your presentation file in your USB memory stick, just in case.

Poster Presentation Instructions

  1. For your poster, a board will be provided. The size of space for your poster is 90 cm wide and 120 cm tall. You have to put your poster number, e.g. P2-99, in the upper left corner of your poster as indicated in the following template of power point.
    Poster Template of power point
  2. You have to present 1-minute oral presentation in the poster teaser at Tenbusu Hall and 60 minutes poster session at the poster room. Please use the template of power point for the poster teaser ( 1-minute oral presentation ).
    Poster Teaser Template of power point
  3. Time schedule of poster presentation
    Date Installation Poster Teaser
    (1-minute oral presentation)
    Poster Presentation Removal
    Jan. 19 9:00-10:30 14:30-15:10 15:10-16:10 17:00-18:00
    Jan. 20 9:00-10:30 14:40-15:20 15:20-16:20 16:20-16:50
    Presenters are requested to install and remove their posters by themselves.
    Posters that remain mounted after the designated removal time may be disposed of.
  4. Note that your poster presentation is assigned to either 19 or 20 January. Please check your poster number and date of presentation by the website of IFMIA2017 beforehand.
  5. If you need extra presentation materials, such as a video display or computer, you are required to bring them yourself. Note that any equipment used in the poster area should be battery-operated, since power will not be provided on the floor.
  6. Fasteners to attach your poster to the panel will be available in the poster room.

Instructions for poster teaser

Please prepare your slide for poster teaser after reading the following instructions carefully

  • The purpose of “1-minute teaser presentation” is not to explain all what you have done, but to attract audience to visit your poster.
    Your slide(s) should show “what’s new” and “what’s interesting” to attract the audience.
  • Use the template to prepare your slide.
    Poster Teaser Template of power point
  • The “1-minute teaser presentation” of your poster should preferably be only a single slide.
  • Don't change the font size on the first slide and for the “title” on the top of other slides.
    For the content of your slide, please use “Calibri” font with a point size of “≥16”.
  • Keep the slide simple:
    Use visuals.
    Only short text.
  • Don’t use videos and slide animations.
  • Include your poster number in upper left corner of the slide
  • Don't include slide numbers.
    Your slide will be concatenated with others in the same session.
  • You will have exactly 60 seconds for the teaser presentation of your poster.
    Your presentation will be terminated by the Session Chair after 60 seconds.
  • Your slides should be compatible to “pptx” format of “MS PowerPoint”.
  • Don't forget to rename the “pptx file” by replacing “P2-99_Shimizu” with your poster number and your family name.
  • The “pptx file” of your slides should not be bigger than 5MB.
  • Email the completed “pptx file” to
  • The deadline for receiving the teaser slide is 6th January 2017.
    A presentation which has not been received until this deadline will not be included in the teasers session at IFMIA2017