This is a list of hotels that locate in walking distance from the conference venue and have their English website.
We do not have block of discount rooms for attendants but you can find cheaper price for your stay using price comparison website, such as;

Please make your reservation via internet by yourself.

No Hotel Time to Tembusu
Room rate (yen)
1 Condominio Makishi 2min walk 6,000-7,000
2 Hotel Royal Orion 10-15min walk 7,500-9,500
3 Hotel JAL City Naha 5-10min walk 13,000-14,500
4 Daiwa Roynet Hotel Naha Kokusaidori 10-15min walk 9,500-10,750
5 Hotel Gracery Naha 10-15min walk 10,000-11,000
6 Hotel Rocore Naha 15-20min walk 8,400-10,300
7 APA Hotel Naha 15-20min walk 8,000-9,000
8 Richimond Hotel Naha Kumoji 15-20min walk 8,300-9,500
9 Hotel Route-Inn Naha Tomariko 15-20min walk 6,600-7,600
10 ANA Crowne Plaza Okinawa Harborview 20min walk 11,000-14,000
11 Okinawa Kariyushi Urban Resort Naha 20min walk 11,000-15,000
12 Hotel Ocean 10-15min walk 7,500-8,500
13 Hotel Palm Royal NAHA 1min walk 7,200-9,450

(*1) Monorail ( might be convenient for some hotels.
(*2) Room rates in the list are just rough estimation of a single room. Please confirm the exact rate for your stay via internet.

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