IFMIA Awards

IFMIA2017 awards are presented to outstanding oral presentations and posters at the IFMIA2017.
All oral presentations and posters will be scored by the IFMIA2017 award committee members, program chairs and session chairs.
The presentations with high scores will be forwarded to the IFMIA2017 award committee, and best oral presentations and best posters will be selected in the committee.
Award ceremony will be held from 16:20 on January 20.

Best Oral Presentation Awards

O1-3 Detection of the extracapsular spread in lymph nodes with quantitative texture analysis of FDG-PET images for head and neck cancer
O2-2 MR Image Segmentation of Marmoset Brain Using Prediction of Shape Development by Gaussian Process
O2-3 Pattern Analysis of the Kinematics in Ultrasound Videos of the Common Carotid Artery – Application to Cardiovascular Risk Evaluation

Best Poster Award

P1-20 A Deep Learning Approach to Automated Mammographic Breast Density Estimation
P2-13 Simulation of Deforming Human Tissue by Multiple Deep Neural Networks
P2-14 A preliminary study on the automated classification of lung cancers in microscopic images, using deep convolutional neural networks